Sonora vs. iTunes

iTunes was the default music player app on OS X devices during the time that Sonora was created, by virtue of being created by Apple and being automatically installed on their machines. This of course, made it interesting when Sonora was proven to be legitimate competition for it as far as music players are concerned, due to some of the great features that Sonora had to offer. Here, we will compare the benefits of both iTunes and Sonora.

Working in the favor of iTunes is the fact that iTunes was and still is so common among the users of OS X devices. This made it easy to know how to use with very little learning curve, which is always a plus. iTunes also made it easy to sync up with other Apple devices, which meant that you were able to put the music that you had on iTunes onto your iPod or whatever Apple-friendly devices were in your arsenal.

Meanwhile, the pluses that came with using Sonora were also plentiful. The main draw to using Sonora was the ability to view the album art of every song in your collection. Whereas iTunes and other music players of that time consisted mainly of grids of song information that served as a menu for you to pick what you wanted to hear, Sonora made it so that you could flip through all of the album covers from the songs in your catalog, to make the experience way more fun.

Also, Sonora users could take part in the queueing of music from the Sonora app. This allowed you to set up your own playlists made up of selections from your own music catalog, without having to play them in a specific order or by shuffling the songs. This was perfect for parties or other events where having specific music on was a must, but you did not want to get rid of everything that was stored on your computer.

Both iTunes and Sonora had a lot of positives going for them, as they were two of the best music players in the world at the time on OS X devices. However, the more modern approach that Sonora took at the time made using that app more fun than its Apple-created counterpart. In the future, you would hope that more apps would continue to challenge what Apple is putting out there, to make sure that the digital music landscape keeps improving.