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About Martingale Betting System

After studying it deeply, we figured that this betting system is actually misunderstood by many and it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to use it or not. Although we’d recommend that you keep a safe distance from it unless you’re really good at betting strategies and know your way around them.
The Martingale betting system involves doubling up your bet after each loss, so as to ensure that your first win easily recovers all your previous losses, as well as help you make profit that’s same as the original betting amount. Once you score your first win, you can continue betting the same amount as the last one. There’s nothing denying the fact that this betting strategy is actually mathematically correct, provided that the odds you avail from the bookmaker are a minimum 2.00.
What makes this strategy irrelevant in many cases is because it’s applicable only if you have a very large bankroll, and if not, you may find yourself in a rather unpleasant situation after facing successive losses. For example, if you start placing bets, beginning with 2 units each, you’ll have to bet as much as 128 units after only 6 successive losses. That would be betting 128 units to win only 2!
One of the biggest gamblers fallacies is that people believe that an event that hasn’t happened recently is most likely to happen next. Many gamblers fall for this fallacy and bet completely opposite to what the recent outcomes have been, the primary idea behind the Martingale system.
Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to witness a long series of losing bets, and if you’re following the Martingale betting system in such situations, you will need to bet extremely large amounts of money, sometimes even breaking your bank, so as to recover your losses and register only very small profit. It’s really not recommended to indulge in any such practice. Instead, you must enjoy the game!