In the music and technology industries, features and benefits are the name of the game. Namely, what can you offer people that they have not seen or heard or done before, that will make you stick out? In the case of Sonora, the music player app had plenty of tricks up its sleeve to answer that question, as the program offered a number of great features that made it worth using any time you wanted to put on some music on your OS X device.

The most important feature that Sonora offered was the ability to scan through artwork from each album of the songs that are in your music catalog. This feature was one of the defining things that went into Sonora, as it was something that was still relatively new at the time, especially in an environment where the ability to customize things digitally was still coming into its own. Well after its time as a popular app, Sonora is still remembered for this.

An apt comparison for the ability to view album art while searching for your music in Sonora would be looking through an old record collection to find the one record that you are really in the mood to listen to at that given moment. Just like you would flip through stacks and stacks of records, looking at album artwork nonstop to find what you were looking for, you were able to do the same thing using Sonora.

Also cool was the fact that you were able to queue up music using the queue feature with Sonora. Not many sites had the ability to set up the next song to play right after the first one ended, with even big name music players like iTuners struggling to keep up with that development. In fact, this was such a useful tool, that iTunes began offering the ability to queue music via iTunes.

Sonora offered plenty of features for music lovers to take advantage of, which made using the player both fun and useful. Instead of listening to music being a hassle, it was all of a sudden one of the more enjoyable things you could do on a computer. While other apps eventually caught onto what Sonora was doing and started doing them to phase Sonora out, the time that Sonora was at the top of the music player world was a memorable one.