When Indragie Karunaratne created Sonora, he revolutionized the way that people listened to music on their computers, in a way. But in order to take advantage of the great product that Karunaratne created, people had to download his music player. There were several ways to go about downloading Sonora over the years, as the digital music landscape shifted, and Sonora had to adapt to it constantly.

At first, Sonora was an app that required its users to pay to download it. This was done through the Mac Store, which is essentially the App Store for Mac computers. At the time, Sonora was going for a price of $9.99. This was by no means an exorbitant price, but the economics of having to buy music, and then pay even more just to have something to listen to the music with is a little difficult to justify, especially when there are so many free music listening options to choose from.

As a result of the fact that there were becoming too many high-quality music playing options to choose from, Sonora eventually decided that it could not justify continuing to charge for its services. That is when Sonora made the leap and decided to be a free to download music player. However, Sonora wasn't just free to download from that point on, it was even more free than that, when it became a free, open source piece of software.

Being open source allows people to look at the source code behind the program, which allows them to see what works and how it works. In the case of Sonora, this allowed people to host it for download on sites like Sourceforge and Github without any legal issues, and also allowed them to modify the program slightly to make it work better.

That ability to customize the Sonora app was important, as Apple and iTunes did not exactly let their users customize the programs that they were downloading straight from Apple. The open source nature of Sonora made it easy for the app to claim that it cared about its users, and that they were interested in whether or not it was possible to create something as beautiful as Kurunaratne did.

Today, open source software is more common than it has ever been, and a big reason for that was the ongoing success and creativity of the people who made and tweaked Sonora.