About Us

Sonora was one of the greatest advancements in playing music on OS X devices, as it allowed people to enjoy the music that they love in a more convenient and visually appealing fashion. For that reason, we have created this site, to remember everything that was great about Sonora, and relive the app that meant so much to us.

Remember, this is not the Sonora official website, and that we are just big fans of music and technology, who were intrigued by the way that Sonora allowed us to listen to our favorite music. There were very few limits as to what file formats could be used and the visuals that we were able to enjoy compared to other music apps like iTunes and everything else that was available at the time.

At this site, we will give you more information about Sonora, and what made it so special to us and countless others. Among the things we will cover is the history of Sonora and music playing in general, along with what went into downloading the app and the legacy that Sonora left behind. We hope that you enjoy this trip down memory lane and a fond look back at Sonora.